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Welcome to TxLa Systems

TxLa Systems is a building and equipment manufacturer/integrator located on the side East of Houston, Texas. Our team’s wide range of capabilities, product knowledge, experience and dedication to quality and customer service allows us to offer endless custom and standard solutions for any industry or application. Originally founded on the ability to better control project scheduling, we self-perform our design, engineering and possess the necessary equipment required for our fabrication & integration service offerings. “Building Excellence” rings true throughout the entire organization. In every way, we strive to offer our employees and our clients the best experience possible, and we’re confident in our ability to exceed expectations.

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We deliver switchboards in 14-16 Weeks! Trust us for reliable and quick panel & custom equipment!

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Why You Choose Us

As an OEM, we are integral to numerous industries due to our quick turnaround times. We receive various parts and pieces that are shipped directly to us, and subsequently take on the assembly of these components and fabrication to create enclosures and other products that our clients rely on. We offer some of the quickest turnaround times in the market. We provide our fabrications and panel solutions for any and all industries. Call us at (713)-906-7811 for a quote today!
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